Bus shelter and CIP

Our high-density networks reach and connect with premium audiences from every street of Ulaanbaatar 24/7. Our bus shelters and CIPs are strategically located in close proximity to high traffic areas to intercept the harder-to-reach out of home audiences in Ulaanbaatar. 


Package typeNumber of Bus ShelterNumber of CIPTotal location numberSurface /m2/
Mega Package362056496.15
Mini Package181028243.76

CIP (City Information Panel)

Our network package provides mass coverage reach to every commuter in Ulaanbaatar during a 2 week campaign.


Package typeNumber of CIPNumber of L.E.D ScreenNumber of ColumnSurface /m2/
Super Package3862160.92
Petit Package196182.34


As our population become more urbanized, commuting time also increases. This provides brands an opportunity to communicate with their audiences on a daily basis during their every day travel.  This make out-of-home a even more media channel as it evolves alongside the city. Organically fitting in whilst standing out. Timely and relevant out-of-home messaging can influence the day-to-day choices of consumers and build positive brand perception. ​

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